Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Talks like a child (I)

Pure, clever, passionate. We talked about children, the mind think of all these terms. But there is a group of words also apply to them: stubborn, determined, high-handed, there are winners.

If you want to debate anything to do with the kids, they are often the final victory, but the parents will be defeated. Many parents will say to yourself: "I am afraid we now have to go downstairs to the child's toy elephant brought it, because we will finally agreed to go get the."

Indeed, the child is the world's best negotiators.

So what will this child be the parent you want to consistently accommodate the situation is how this happen? Several successful manager of a 40 people do not know how things will be lost to a four-year old Mao Haizi it? More importantly, the adult How to control children who possess the skills that it shocking?

Why in the negotiations on the children skills so superb, we do not have a single explanation. More reasonable because, under the specific circumstances they will use different techniques, including most of us have already been abandoned in some social shameless ploy.

The following are some children's negotiation skills, if you can, almost can be done time-tested.

Tips 1: bad temper

Bad temper is the most basic negotiation children wrist. Noise is often the most vicious people can get what you want. Just think of Walt Disney's Eisner (Michael Eisner) and Microsoft's Bill Gates (Bill Gates) on this hard to understand. The two are notoriously violent temper, but get whatever I wanted.

Of course, you do not want to rely on angry known benefits to their fishing, but to learn how to use these skills to the company for their own interests. Even if the only thing to give up your own principles to the extent of concessions, you will not waver.

Skills II: the fool

Children in the use of this technique when the following two forms: either pretend they do not understand it, or pretended not to hear. For example a child will gradually increase with the tone said, "What? What? What?!" Finally, the other children and he will not argue. In desperation, they will accept the fact that and the child did not understand.

Just think, if you do not want to deal with someone while blocking all communication with him, how strong this feeling. To give an example of telemarketing. And others are usually some kind of perfunctory dialogue, which is precisely used by telemarketers. Therefore, you should do is to immediately block such communication, methods can be confused and or simply no response. In this way, you eliminate the negotiations will be beneficial to this particular way telemarketers end of any possibility.

Pretend not to hear for such a situation, is that you never worked and the other was. If it is in their own companies to do so, you will think you do not listen to the views of others or lack of sensitivity. Pretend you do not know what the other party to do or say, you can also play at a time when not fully prepared to postpone talks. In this case, that the purpose is to control the time that their own interests.

Tips 3: do self-

Children will not adopt a different role to adapt to the environment. They are more children, no camouflage and cover. And they all know each other, know who was more shy, who more noisy, who like boasting, who say funny jokes, who always has a lot of stuff pocket, etc.. In short, the children have their own strengths and weaknesses. When you know a child, you will know he is a kind of person. They rarely disguised himself into another person.

This capability can help you simplify and speed up the negotiation process, because you do not play the first insight into what role the other side, do not try to get to the bottom of their intrinsic motivation or intention is.

If you can do to keep themselves and make sure that other people believe you are what they seem, then people will believe that it is because of you that matters to progress very smoothly.

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